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        Connect Your Manufacturing Data

        Eliminate Information Silos

        Production software that can access and collect structured and unstructured data from all of your devices empowers you with insights never before possible. Make analytics available at every level of your enterprise and discover new ways to turn industrial data into insights.

        Remote Asset Data

        Analytics, from one or many locations, give you critical performance updates on machine and facility trends. With our FactoryTalk? Analytics? platform, you can identify asset maintenance needs, device health and more, from anywhere, at any time. For example, our analytics cloud for smart machines allows equipment builders to collaborate with end users to drive higher availability and output. We have analytics solutions that include infrastructure, consulting, and remote monitoring.

        Prevent Downtime

        With a simple, secure approach to monitor the health and diagnostics of your operations, you can:

        • Gain insight into how well your assets perform
        • Get alerts when performance falls outside of acceptable standards
        • Measure results against your KPIs

        Connect the Unconnected

        Consolidation of disparate data is not easy. The first step is to connect different sources, which could require convergence of multiple networks into one unified network architecture. We produce many network assets on plant floors across the globe and have standardized on EtherNet/IP? to provide seamless information. This information is shared from the plant floor to the enterprise.

        Evaluate Your Infrastructure

        Most companies realize the value in their data. But creation of a networked infrastructure may require technical skills versed in both manufacturing and IT. Our Industrial Network Services team balances IT skills with industrial automation expertise. This provides a unique and comprehensive approach to assess assets, and helps identify and remediate performance and security issues.

        How May We Help You?

        We know the plant floor. We know your data.